Lily Street

Dear Z,

It seems universally acknowledged that the right way to dress is to show a well-proportioned shape. The question is, does a well-proportioned shape mean long legs? Not necessarily. The body proportion can be a perception– a perception to show a certain feeling. If Eva puts a tight top instead of her long loose shirt, she won’t give me this feeling any more: I want the time to slow down. The laziness in that shirt has fled the critics that a good body shape means long legs. What about the sneakers? Bye, heels, I want to be comfortable.

Speaking of time, perhaps I am even greedy that I want it to go back a little bit. This moment, when she puts her hand on the hair. Breeze. Shadow of the tree.  The necklace from & other stories. When time slows down, this is one of the other stories.

And our friend seems to have a special love for the past. I see the silver of her silver ring. I see the the black of her special-shaped handbag from her high school time. I see the silver and black of her film camera. The colors of her outfit are like those of a lily. The black and silver somehow still fit in the coordination.

I really don’t remember the name of the street.  I would like to call it Lily Street.  It’s about the first scent of summer.


X& Y



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