Made in Bright Navy Blue

Dear Z,

What makes you notice someone?

I was sitting in Chobani. It was not that I saw her, but was that the colors on her jumped into my eyes. Bright. Barely impossible to ignore. I bet that if you were me, the first thing you saw must be the pants: just long enough to cover the heels; high waist; loose, simple but couldn’t be without all the indispensable details, thanks to the material and every crease.

And if you got the blue pants, what color would you choose for your bag? To be honest, I might have problems choosing one that I perhaps chose to have none. That afternoon, however, blue plus blue equaled spark. The bag, again, was simple. But it was just so hard to ignore the little stuff like the key slot and the two straps with buckles, right?

Find the pants: Alice and Olivia, Eloise Trouser

Find the bag: RALPH LAUREN, soft ricky bag

Finally, I began to look up. Although I knew that there had been thousands of blouses on the streets from the spring, I just fell in love with this one shoulder one with blue strips and bowknot. There were just so many behind the seeming casualness: when the only one collar chose to match the collarbone from the other side, when the bottom of the blouse just touched the top of the pants, I had one word repeating in my mind– details!

Find the blouse: striped asymmetric top

We have heard so many times of “made in Italy”, “made in US” and “made in China”. I consider there are realms of colors. Blue pants, blue bag, blue top, blue eyewear. She was made in bright navy blue. But she was definitely not blue. Oppositely, blue made her confidence bloom.

made in navy blue


X& Y


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