60 Seconds with Emma Stern Nielsen

Dear Z,

This was the second time that we noticed someone, simultaneously,  because of the pants. As early as the past spring, we already knew that, there would be many many pants with frayed seams at hems. We did see a lot, especially jeans.

That afternoon, the frayed seam details made the pants such a complete piece that we almost forgot the fact that, every design is designed on purpose. The use of the twill cotton burlap was more clever than that of jeans to perfectly match the frayed seams. A good design provides a guide to reshape your body: the same frayed seams at the high waist gives you no reason to cover them; the wide leg design above the ankles covers the calves, where you are very likely to have obvious muscles. Enjoy your long legs. When we figured out that the pants were from Alexander Wang (Instagram @alexanderwangny), I got only two words in my mind — no wonder.

So what kind of shoes to wear to match the simple trousers? Keep them clear as well. A pair of Loafers makes you look independent and free.


find the pants: T by Alexander Wang

We are just so lucky to have super model Emma Stern Nielsen (Instagram @sternnielsen) show us how black and white as a true and classic match that never fade away. All-black eyewear. Plain black T-shirt. The gold metal circle and chain on her Chloé Faye added the extra credit. Sometimes we just don’t know how some designs become popular. Nevertheless, we are pretty sure that those design get people’s hearts, just as when we have a crush on someone. And Chloé Faye is one of them.


find the bag: Chloé

At the end, we have to admit that, it was the simplicity in Emma’s look and the sophistication behind that look made her shine in the clutter on the street. Special thanks to Emma!





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