We Loosed our pants to survive the heat

Dear Z,

I admit that it’s late to write about what to wear in summer. But I also agree that fashion is like a circle– what goes will come again. Moreover, To Z is not only about fashion, but also about styles.

Summer always makes us excited. Once a year, the long-hidden skin gets so close to the air. However, the heat– what we love, can be what we hate. Of course, shorts can help to fight against the heat. But shorts are more casual than elegant. When it comes to feel both elegant and cool, wide legs can hardly be the second choice. Wide-leg pants are good at reshaping the body: the spacious  feeling helps to make your legs slimmer and longer. And usually, wide-leg pants use particular materials for which it’s not easy to get ceases and make it cool while walking. The elegance comes from the feeling of a dress. And the coolness comes from the truth that they’re still pants.

For the past two months, I have seen many ways that women wear wide-leg pants. The following four are selected from the many and they represent the different age groups.

1. The boyish, young, and sexy blood.

“I told my boyfriend that I liked his Harem pants. Then he got me these.” The style of  Miss.Paris expressed her spirit of being free. The combination of cropped top and Harem pants emphasized her lean waist and long legs. What else  other than glasses and sneakers could make her more comfortable while walking on the streets?

2. The first taste of a ripe-young age.

As  I described in my previous post Made in Bright Navy Blue, she made a perfect color coordination. The edges of the top and the pants just jointed and made a complete piece. Different from the style of Miss. Paris, showing no skin on the belly added more value to the lady’s maturity.

3. Elegance made by Mom.

Black and red seem to be BFFs of my mom. The striped wide legs were the reflection of her love in being organized. As Mom said, simple shapes and fewer decorations suit more her age.

4.A pink mind that never ages.

A complete piece seems still one of the secrets of being elegant at this age stage. That doesn’t necessarily mean one color. It felt so right to look at the colors on her: light pink, nude and light brown. Many times, light colors really are better than dark ones for this age group. And simplicity is another kind of sophistication.




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