Fashion Week: a Show outside the Show

Dear Z,

It is a fruitful season. After the Fashion Weeks in New York and London, Milan just bloomed. Now, Paris Fashion Week is counting eyeballs. Nevertheless, we have never forgotten the philosophy of Bill Cunningham that, the best fashion is on the street.

Not everyone can get the access to a show. However, the fashionistas outside the show are presenting another show, and totally free. That’s definitely fascinating about fashion week.

There are 3 types of moments that we captured outside the shows and would like to share with you.


1.Beauty on the run.


























This lady is a photographer. We love to see a fashion photographer like her: a young heart beating with a fast shutter.


2. A little bit laziness.

















Of the four above, we really enjoy the asymmetrically cut wide-leg pants with the bright orange color. Natural folds, a little bit rough edge, silky material, plus a pair of sleepers, made a perfect combination. And yes, she was wearing a loose white shirt on top.

3. Simply cool.































It was before the opening of  Anna Sui SS17 New York show. We were trapped in the earring-like fringe element on his suit, in the fragrant breeze brought by Sonya Esman, in the smog of her cigarette, and in every white strip between two red ones. Oh wait, was she wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream?


X & Y


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